Smart App Updates In The Play Store Are Live

Google continues to make its Play store awesome. A couple of users were reporting yesterday that they noticed this, but I was too sleepy to test it out myself. However, Artem over at Android Police has tried it out, and indeed, Smart App Updates are now live.

Google Smart App Updates

You’d remember Google had announced this feature along with app encryption at its I/O conference held back in June. App encryption has been pulled back, seeing some developers raised concerns that the keys which are stored in a certain folder get cleared after a reboot. However, Smart App Updates is working fine, and if you have Play 3.7.15 and above, you should be able to notice this.

I updated Instagram a while back, and indeed, the download finished quite fast (I was downloading over an Edge network, and it finished in 5 minutes, which is impossible for a 13 MB download, implying it downloaded far less amount of data). It should help both Google and us users, in saving bandwidth, and battery.