[Updated] Sony Announces Xperia P (€449) and Xperia U (€259) – 1 GHz Dual Core Processors Inside. Xperia S Now Shipping

Xperia S, P and U

Sony had a couple of devices to announce, today. And they’re the Xperia P and U, siblings to the Xperia S, which was announced by the company at CES in January.

Let’s get a quick bite of these two devices, before HTC starts off, shall we?

The Xperia P is Sony’s mid-range bet, with the top-range will be battled with the Xperia S. The Xperia P comes with a 4″ Reality display, with Sony’s new White Magic screen technology (CBD, anyone?). There’s a 1 GHz dual core processor under the hood to keep stuff ticking. The rear houses an 8 MP camera, which can do full HD (1080p) video recording. No brainer, really.

The Xperia U comes with a 3.5″ Reality Display, and a 5 MP camera, and that’s as much that differentiates it from the Xperia P. Understandably, it’s going to battle it out in the third tier.

While the Xperia S has started shipping, the other two Xperias – which happen to be a part of the NXT series (within the Xperia line), the Xperia P and Xperia U – will start shipping in mid-Q2. No details on the pricing just yet.

Spoiler: all three Xperias are running Gingerbread. Meh.

Image courtesy: TechCrunch

Update: We have the pricing details. The Xperia U is going to cost you around €259, whereas the Xperia P will cost you €449. Pretty close to the retail price of Xperia S, there. Something funny, eh.