Sony Ercisson Live View – an accessory for your Android

Sony Ericsson has been quite for some time now after the Xperia breeze. However, as if getting up from sleep, it did good to itself by launching the Live View – a phone-cum-watch, that rests on your wrist, just like any other watch!


As you can see, the screen is a 1.3” affair, with OLED. So, if you have any apprehensions about visibilty, you stand corrected!

Wait? Did you just ask me ‘why would i need it?’ Well, in most cases, you won’t.. Having Live View as its name, its obvious that it pushes the new notifications in real time from your Android 2.1+ smartphone, eliminating the need to take out the phone out of pocket every time it rings! Cool, huh?


Its cute, its geeky, its also SEs answer to the device that LG launched a year back or so. Looks wise, SE has beaten LG hands down. But, with the Xperia lineup still stuck at Donut, the release is scheduled for Q4.

So, Live View while you jog, letting your Android rest for sometime in your pocket!!

Do let us know if you liked it! Cheers!

Posted by Wordmobi