Sprint Prepping At Least 10 Androids With Google Wallet Support

Sprint-Google Wallet

Here’s something that could propel Google Wallet in to the space – Sprint, US’s carrier, is reported to be working on launching at least 10 new devices that support Google Wallet, Google’s own payment system. That comes from Google Wallet and Payments VP, Osama Bedier. Which also means they’ll all support NFC. Very good indeed.

It sounds very nice and all, and note that Sprint is about to launch the Galaxy Nexus, which will also support Google Wallet. The Verizon version didn’t. And any new version of Verizon Android device won’t come with Google Wallet support, seeing how it has invested in another payment system, ISIS.

Sprint may as well be en route to become Google’s favorite carrier, and if it manages to sell tons of Androids in the coming future, it could be good for the carrier too. Win win? Probably.