Starbucks Launches It’s Android App, Lets You Pay With Your non-NFC Android

Pretty long title that. But well, it just happens to be that Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse has launched it’s own Android app, realising the rise and rise of Android and the super-phones running it. Amazing.

What can it do? Well, pay for the over-priced coffee and stuff. You can login or create an account, load a card, then order a coffee or whatever pleases you. At the time of paying, you can simply have the store scan the card’s barcode on your phone. The app retrieves the barcode, apparently. It’s pretty comfortable, right. A card less to carry, right.

But, there’s a caveat – you can only load one card on a phone at the moment. And it’s restricted only to the US, at the moment. So a couple of caveats there, but it’s all pretty good ‘cos it’s the first version of the app.\

Watch the official video below –