T-Mobile Showing Adverts In The Notification Bar – Because It’s Never Too Much

Thought you hadn’t seen enough ads on your Android? Don’t worry, after KDDI, T-Mobile has also started showing (or rather, shoving?) ads in the notification bar. Obviously, to its customers. Funny eh? Those T-Mo customers must be infuriated. Oh wait, they are, already.

T-Mobile Shoving ads in Notif bar

There’s a thread on Reddit, already, as well as T-Mobile’s own support forums. While it may not seem like a big issue to you (if you aren’t seeing ads in your Notification bar), I tried to imagine what I’d feel like. And I’d be angry. And it also sets a scary precedent – it may lead other carriers to show ads in a similar way.

You cannot opt-out, and there’s no other way to get rid of those ads. Forgive me for my words, but this is absolute bullshit. I have to really wonder what the guys at T-Mo were smoking, because if they are showing ads in a place as important as the Notification bar, they must either be really stupid, idiotic and dumb, or that they think their users are not paying for their services.

This reminds me – just flash a custom ROM, if you do not like all the crap that carriers put on your phone. I also feel very happy that I buy phones outright, and that I really, truly, can say my carrier to stop messing around and do its duty. You pay for this and you have to use your phone the way your carrier wishes you to? Also, you should know, you end up paying a lot more when you buy a phone on a contract. Yes. How? Another topic for another day.