Tag Heuer Racer Revealed – Runs Android, Yours For $3700, Come July

Tag Heuer Racer

If you’re one of those luxury-smartphone fans out there, and a racing fan at the same time, Tag Heuer may have something for you, in the form of Racer.

Tag Heuer Racer

Running on a version of Android (don’t be surprised if it’s Gingerbread) that Tag Heuer has deemed not-important to reveal, yet, the Racer is highly inspired by F1 and the likes. The company says that the Racer is made with Titanium and Carbon Fiber, with the chassis made out of ‘shockproof rubber’. There will be a customisable 3D UI (stuff which you can have on your non-luxury Android using a third party launcher. Heck, even the Sense 3.5 UI was all sorts of 3D coolness).

I can’t say I’m excited, but watch the video below. It’s quite good.

Tag Heuer says the Racer will be available starting July, in boutiques, luxury mobile boutiques and selected watch and jewelry retailers.

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