The World’s Smallest Android, From Wimm Labs

The bigger, the better, seems to be the norm these days. Wimm Labs believes otherwise. And to prove this, they have launched the world’s smallest Android, a watch.

It looks like a phone, but can be used as a watch, at the same time. And then, you can strap it to your belt or something like that too. The thing has a 1.4″ display and a 667 MHz processor under the hood to keep things humming smoothly.

It looks pretty good, but frankly, I wonder how good it will be in real life. The Market apps won’t work properly on the tiny screen. Instead, you’ll have to depend on Micro apps. But given the small size, it will be really, really difficult to use those apps properly, anyways.

Good as a one off thing, but I don’t think it has very good future.