This Google SIM Card With A Nexus S…. In Spain

Google SIM Voice

Alright. What do we have here – a Google branded SIM card, along with a Nexus S.

According to a Spanish site – Xataka Android, Google maybe testing it out by giving some of its engineers these cards and the Nexus S, as seen in the image below. Seem real, so well.

Google SIM Voice Nexus S

And here’s something else too. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the carrier is showing up as – Google_Es. Now, it is quite easy to change carrier branding, but again, those sim cards above seem quite ok.

Google SIM Carrier Info

This need not be totally true, take it with a pinch of salt. Also, the source suggests Google could become a virtual operator and collaborate with either Pepephone or Simyo – Spain’s telecom operators.

Hmm, sounds interesting. If Google is really looking to translate its Voice service in to carrier business, this could be big. Really, really big.