Twidroyd 4 now with LivePreview

Postup, Inc , the makers of announced the launch of Twidroyd 4, the Android twitter client, with LivePreview, an innovation unique in itself. What’s new?

The latest version featuring LivePreview opens up the links in a tweet in a neat adjacent pane immediately opposite the tweet. Amazing huh! Rest all remains same.
It comes in two variants – the free version is a fully featured twitter client, including postings, mentions, direct messages with threaded view, integrated search, list viewing, url shortening, geo-location support, multi-language interface, background notifications and more. a pro version is available for $3.99 and adds multi-account support, full list support, three desktop widgets for viewing tweets on the device’s home screen, native support and other advanced features. both also fully integrate twitlonger for tweets containing more than 140 characters, and plixi, for embedding photos within tweets.

Below are some screenshots..




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