US Government To Use Android To Power The Phones Of Its Military

US Military Android

Awww yeaah! moment for Google and Android, and its fans – a CNN report suggests that the US government may soon adopt a heavily customized version of Android for its military, and some federal agencies. Apparently, the US military was expecting the approval to be made by 2011-end, but it’s not too late, even now.

The US government wants to make sure the smartphones meet security standards, before they are deployed across agencies and the military, and given some security holes in Android, it is understandable why the government is looking to customize it according to its own needs.

One more interesting tidbit Рthe government plans to push the latest version of Android within 2 weeks of its announcement. That is, they will make port over all their heavy customization and stuff to the latest version within 2 weeks, and update its devices as well. Which should put all the OEMs to shame, given how they take months and months to push updates (sometimes over an year too).

Being in US Military just got a tad bit cooler eh.