VLC Media Player Comes to Android, Beta version available at Play Store

VLC, the most popular open source cross platform video player was officially launched for Android today. We have seen some unofficial ports earlier but they were not so stable. The current version is in beta and according to devs it is not very stable.

UI is simple and consists of two tabs for Video and Audio respectively.

The video pane is a simple list without any categories or folder support. Scrolling is fast and there is a search box too. In settings however you can specify the folders to be included/excluded from playlist.

In our test run, it performed quite well on Sony Xperia Mini. 720p mkv playback was smooth and only lag was while changing orientation (keep in mind that we tested it on a singe core device).

There is subtitle support and mkv files with embedded subtitles play well. However text rendering can be better.

Those expecting the amount on controls present in desktop version or in mx player for Android will be disappointed. The controls are very basic in this first beta version – for play/pause/stop and changing aspect ratio.

The audio pane is seems more developed and has swipe gestures to move between albums, songs and artists. Oh yes there is a basic widget too


There is an option for streaming online content too.

As of now VLC is very basic media player with minor bugs and minimal UI. We hope more functionality will be added in upcoming versions. If you want to give it a try, grab it from Play Store now.