Welcome Adam, the Tablet is finally here!


Yes, this is one thing i’ve been waiting for quite sometime now. And now that it’s been launched, i cannot just wait to get my hands on it. Yesterday, the Adam’s pre-order had begun and if you pre-ordered one, you may well have just 6 hours after the mail arrives in your mailbox. While this is justified (looking at the demand), we as bloggers are itching to get our hands on it (Notion Ink, please :)).

Now, here’s a statement from the company themselves, talking about the variants and pricing –

As promised, the first access would be given to those who had commented in this blog “ before the last post ” . To carry out this, all selected will be sent a confirmation email and pre-order link which will remain active for 6 hours from the receipt of that email (keep a tight view on your mail box including your spam filter!) Pre-booking for them will start at 10 December 00:00 AM IST. After 6 hours, it will be open to everyone (which would be 06:00 AM IST)! Let ’ s take a look at the image on the left.

You know we have 6 variants : LCD (wi-fi only), LCD + 3G -900 series, LCD + 3G -850 series, Transflective (Wi-Fi only), Transflective + 3G -900 series, Transflective + 3G -850 series.

Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?). Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).

Perhaps, the company has done our work a lot easier, laying down all the important aspects in a detailed manner. Thank you, Notion! The Adam (first Android Tablet to come with Gingerbread and the Honeycomb update will be pushed immediately, the company says) comes with a custom UI, called Eden (Nostalgia, anyone?) that’s being touted as ‘Closer to Honeycomb than Gingerbread’. Well, we believe it is. Here’s a look at what Honeycomb will bring in and whether Adam has it or not.

What Honeycomb will bring –

–> Better OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES support.


–> Multi-touch Keyboard

–> Better Copy, paste features

–> Kernel Upgraded to 2.6.35

–> Better View Support

–> Better Memory Management.

What the Adam already has –

All of the above!! Well, that’s what it is, at the moment.



– Tab within Tab view – one of the keyboards

On the contrary, it doesn’t come with a NFC sensor, but it’s successor (already?!) Eve will come with one. However, there’s a Digitizer with which you can use the Tablet itself as an additional screen with your PC!! OMG, what have you done to tablets, Rohan!!

Some great stuff this, we hope to get one for review, ofcourse just for you, our beloved readers! Stay Hooked!

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