What’s Your Favourite Twitter App For Android?

Twitter is one of the main services I’ve subscribed to, and use. It’s become more a part of my life than I could imagine when I signed up a couple of years ago. The fact that Symbian has one of the best apps for Twitter, across platforms and the type of device in the form of Gravity, only helped me in becoming a part of the community, and accept it as a part of my day to day life.


I digress. My point is, Twitter is more than a social networking site to many of us, and it’s definitely more than a ways to consume news, at least for me. It’s something I cannot put my finger on, exactly. So, what I’ve been asking myself, and my friends on Twitter, is what’s their favourite app to access Twitter, on Android. There are tons of Twitter apps, but I’m yet to come across an app as solid, as reliable, as much a joy to use, as Gravity. Sure, there are more feature rich apps for Android, but that’s not what I want, first and foremost.

I want an app that’s solid, has all the basics like previewing images, push notifications and a proper, good looking UI, preferably with support for solid colours. And more than anything else, I want an app that’s not plagued by scrolling issues. Every app I’ve used so far, except for Twitter for Android and Tweedle, on Android, has scrolling issues. You could say that it’s my device, but I’ve a Galaxy Nexus, and dual core is more than what a Twitter app should demand. And yes, Twitter for Android and Tweedle are my favourite apps on Android, and across platforms and the type of device used, I’d go with Gravity. (except iOS).

What’s your favourite Twitter app (or apps) for Android? Sound off in the comments, I’m looking forward to your answers!