Xiaomi Open Sources MIUI ROM, You Can Grab The Source Code And Start Playing With It Now

MIUI Open Source

Here’s some news for the modders and the ones who play with the source code of stuff – Xiaomi has started open sourcing popular Android ROM, MIUI. And the apps too.

The company has started uploading the code on Github, where CyanogenMod’s code resides as well. You can find the code here –  https://github.com/MiCode. Not sure what that means to you, the end user? You should possibly get to experience some really good looking MIUI apps on your non-MIUI ROM. Which is all sorts of awesomeness. I remember how frustrated I was when I realised MIUI wasn’t supported for my device, so yeah. Another Awww yeaaahh! moment for Open Source.

via MIUI