Find My Phone Android Apps

Losing your smartphone is stressful whether you lost it or it got stolen. All your personal contacts, media content, and information will be lost. Even you real money gambling becomes affected, however try the best sa online casinos . You can lose your smartphone at any time but there are precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure that it is recoverable. There are android apps that can help to recover your phone. Below are some of them.

Find My Device from Google

This is one of the most used apps by Android users. It performs all the basic functions including locating your phone. The app is compatible with other Android devices such as tablets and smartwatches. Find My Device plays a sound on your phone so that you can easily locate if it’s near you.  Additionally, you can secure your device by locking or erasing all the information from it via the internet. You can even send a message to your phone and help someone with it to get in touch. Did you know from your Android, you can download casino app and play online casino games anytime,anywhere,even if  you lose your phone you can still claim your winning


Cerberus id a cool find my phone apps and is a mainly an anti-theft app. It helps you recover your phone through its unique features. The app has access to your smartphone’s front-facing camera to enable you to capture the thief’s face for identity purposes. It comes with other functions including locking your phone, alarming sounds and erasing everything from the device remotely.

Prey Anti-Theft

Prey app helps you to locate your phone when it is stolen or goes missing. You can recover your phone by gathering network information using GPS coordinates to see where your device is. Also be able to take pictures of the surrounding when you access the smartphone’s camera remotely. Apart from locating the device, you are able to lock your device and activating a sound alarm remotely.  It has a feature Wi-Fi Neighborhood that allows you to see all active connections close to your device.