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Quantity Over Quality? It’s The Carriers And The Android OEMs At Fault.

Ever wondered why there were gazillions of Android devices out there? That why’s it so confusing to decide what to buy and what to ignore? You’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. It’s the Android OEMs that are responsible, you say? Not all of them are. It’s mostly the carriers. They want to have […]

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Nokia’s Lumia Brand Is More Popular Than The Windows Phone Brand As A Whole

Here’s some interesting bit of information I came across – Nokia’s Lumia brand (and not just the phones) is eclipsing the entire Windows Phone brand as a whole, worldwide. Huge. According to Google Trends, people are searching for ‘Nokia Lumia’ more than they’re searching for Windows Phone. ‘Lumia 800’ is, on its own, leading to […]

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Sneak Peek In To Twabbit – A Twitter Client For Windows Phone

Creativity is a trait which sees no bound. Ideas flows in all three dimensions upto infinite limits and then some of them materialises and take some shape/form etc. But, one of the emerging Mobile platform aka Windows Mango has forced developers to follow certain strict guidelines to create applications. They have a full fledged wired […]

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Editorial: Microsoft, This Is What I Want You To Fix/Implement In Windows Phone

It’s been over an year since Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7. The Metro UI-based Operating System has since then evolved, with one major update named Mango making it quite competitive. But Redmond’s slick OS still has some nagging issues, or it lacks in certain areas. Here I’ve made my 12-point list about things I’d like […]


Eric Schmidt: “Whether you like it or not, you will support the Android platform”

”Whether you like Android or not, you will support that platform” Really, Eric Schmidt? Whether the devs ‘Like it or not’, they WILL support it? Leave the support aspect of the statement aside, but ‘Like it or not’ ? Really? Holy fucking really? Have you gone nuts? Android’s success has played with your mind so much […]


Why We Decided To Write About Windows Phone And webOS And Why We Won’t Change The Blog Name

This is in response to all those questions pertaining to the name of the blog and the OS ecosystems we cover, and to the ‘Please change the name of your blog’ requests. We’re Androsym – a blog that covers news, reviews and other such stuff related Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and webOS (webOS not much, […]