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Nokia Announces Q2 Results, Disappointing, As Was Expected

So the Finnish giant, once the leader of the mobile industry, released its Quarter 2 results today. Disappointing, yes, they were. Relevant enough, is another thing altogether. To put things into perspective, Nokia reported a massive loss of around half a billion Euros. Sales, both smartphone and the feature phones, were down by 32% and […]

No MeeGo

Nokia Will Not Come Back To MeeGo Even If N9 Becomes A Huge Hit, Says Elop

One would have expected that Elop would change his mind after the reception the N9 has received the world over, including those who have had a love-hate relationship in the past with the Finnish giant. Turns out to be otherwise, and this soon. Although the N9 doesn’t run a pure form of MeeGo, it’s still […]