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Samsung The Next Galaxy

‘The Next Galaxy’ – Samsung Teases With A Countdown Timer

When we were all happily busy with our offline lives, Samsung Mobile tweeted something. [blackbirdpie url=”″] The letters are jumbled. And if you solve the thing, you get this – The Next Galaxy. They’re obviously teasing us about the Galaxy S3 (or whatever it’s going to be called). But to make it more interesting, the […]

Nokia 701

Nokia 701 Review – Belle Is Pretty, And Fast On The 1 GHz Processor

Remember the Nokia C7? Of course you do. It was one of the first four new Symbian devices that Nokia launched. Besides the E7, C6-01 and N8, it was launched in 2010, and came with a 680 MHz processor, which, although good enough, could be found panting every now and then. Those specs were just […]

Google Play

Google Continues Its Unification Process – App, Music, Book And Video Stores Now Branded As Google Play

  After having unified its Privacy policies, Google has done a major revamp to the way you, the users, access its App, Music, Book and Video stores. Earlier, although they’d all be available from within the Android Market, discovery of Music and Books wasn’t as easy enough. This revamp aims to make that difficult thing […]


Quantity Over Quality? It’s The Carriers And The Android OEMs At Fault.

Ever wondered why there were gazillions of Android devices out there? That why’s it so confusing to decide what to buy and what to ignore? You’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. It’s the Android OEMs that are responsible, you say? Not all of them are. It’s mostly the carriers. They want to have […]