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Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3D Coming To UK June 20th ?

LG Optimus 3D, announced at the Mobile World Congress 2011, seems to be gearing up for it’s UK launch. Amazon has listed the smartphone at a price of £599.99. Of course, it comes unlocked and all. The price is not really very good, but then, you get a 3D display and a 3D camera for that. Then […]


New LG Optimus Gets Leaked In A Teaser Pic, Could Be The Next Nexus (?)

I for one, absolutely love leaks. You may know it already, because I’ve said that before as well. In a new teaser, LG has shown off a mysterious device, what seems to be the next Optimus. And apparently, this leak is from an LG employee from Indonesia. Coming to the talks of it being the […]

LG Revolution

Verizon Officiate LG Revolution, Will Be Available From Tomorrow

Verizon Wireless has made the LG Revolution official. And according to the Press Release, it’ll be available starting tomorrow. What’s special about this device is that it is Verizon’s third LTE enabled device. Just before you start blinking, it comes with Froyo (Android 2.2). It’ll be sporting a price tag of $249.99, though. Specifications – […]

LG Dual Screen Device

Dual Screen LG Pops Up, Packs In A Slideout Qwerty Keyboard As Well

Kyocera started it all. Now LG, the Korean giant, has a dual-screen headed to US Cellular. It’s not similar to the Kyocera Echo, though. One screen is on the top, when the Qwerty keyboard is closed, looking like any other candybar Android. But when you slide open the keyboard, you’ll find the second display. The […]


LG Optimus Pad Maybe Launched In June In India

It’s raining tablets all of a sudden for India! Just as Sasmung said they’ll be launching their Galaxy Tabs this April, reports are coming in that LG will be launching the Optimus Pad in India sometime during June. The Optimus Pad was announced during Mobile World Congress this year, and now looks set to come […]


Video: LG Optimus Pad Official Overview

In this world where things are differentiated as pre-Apple and post-Apple era, tablet computing is evolving faster than ever. It all started with the original iPad, and now that the iPad 2 is already announced, the standard has been raised even higher (or so many think). Well, the fanboys will definitely say that there IS […]

LG Promises A One-Level Upgrade At The Least For Each Optimus

In between all the ‘update my droid please’ requests from around the world, companies have so far been playing deaf and dumb. But now, LG has come out in the open with a promise to ‘update each Optimus atleast once to the next version’. According to reports, LG’s Director of Global Communications, Kenneth Hong, went […]


LG gets aggressive, announces 3 new products

What happens when you have an over-excited PR machinery? You end up announcing phones before schedule. That’s exactly what happened with LG yesterday. LG seems to be eager to regain it’s previous stature. And yes, the aggressiveness is quite prominent. First up is the Optimus 3D. Powered by a 1 GHz OMAP4 processor (dual core), […]

The LG Optimus Black is here

The CES ’11 seems to be the time when all Android-related rumours seem to find peace. LG’s rumoured flagship, the ‘B’ is actually a part of the Optimus series of smartphones, named as Optimus Black. Now, don’t go by the name; it has ‘the’ brightest display for a smartphone on the Earth, LG claims. Featuring […]