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Nokia Stephen Elop


Things happen. And when they’re less than favourable, you either work hard and fast to ensure you’re competitive, or you fall back, exhibiting your inability to prevent the fact that you’re the market leader has got to your head. Every leader is susceptible to the latter, but good leaders work hard and maintain their lead. […]

Jolla Mobile

The Last Of The MeeGo Developers Leave Nokia, Join Hands To Build Their Own MeeGo-based Smartphones

A bunch of Nokia’s MeeGo team members had left the Finnish company, a couple of days back. They’ve now come together and will be helping Jolla Mobile in making new MeeGo-based smartphones. However, before you get excited, no, there won’t be any updates for your Nokia N9 or the developers-only N950. That’s understandable – those phones are […]

Nokia N9 Lumia 800

Canalys: 1.2 Million Nokia Lumias Shipped, 0.6 Million N9s Too

Always wondered how many Lumia devices and N9s were actually shipped? You sure did. Nokia hadn’t made the shipment figures official when it released its earnings report, but here’s a report by analyst house Canalys that suggests Nokia could ship twice as many Lumias as the Nokia N9. Canalys suggests that Nokia managed to ship about […]


This N9 runs 7 different operating systems including Android and Windows Phone 7

Nokia N9 might be the most critically acclaimed phone ever made. It was the officially declared “dead on arrival” device and most probably the last member of the iconic N series. But someone in China was not happy with the N9 dying with Meego.  So he made a N9 lookalike that runs 7 different OS!!! Apart from the usual […]