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Insurance policy

Insuring Your Tech Start-Up

Technology has played a huge part in the advancement of civilization throughout the centuries, and it still plays a pivotal role in today’s society. With many members of the globe’s population relying on tech to communicate with one another, as a method of organization, and for research and analysis on just about everything, now is […]

SIM card

What is a SIM only contract?

A SIM only contract is a mobile phone contract that only pays for your internet, the minutes you call and the texts (SMS) you send. The contract does not pay off your mobile phone itself. This basically means that the contract is a lot cheaper than other contracts and that you are more flexible than […]


Best Bicycle Games for Android 2019

All thanks to technology, we now have a game for everything. It’s amazing how the things that we used to love playing within the physical world, we can now easily play within the virtual world as well. Things like bicycles that made the best childhood memories, we can carry as we go through the digital […]

iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps Right Now

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. With the best app, your iPhone can become a jack-of-all-trades. In fact, you can change it from being a QR scanner to a personal assistant in no time. In today’s post, we bring you some of the best iPhone […]


Mobile Commerce trends for 2019

As 2019 well and truly kicks into full swing, we can expect to see some serious changes coming in the near future. With mobile commerce growing more and more, though, we can expect it to play a leading role in 2019. What, though, are some of the common predictions around where the mobile commerce industry […]