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career in computing

Advance Your Career into Computing with this Simple Guide

Computing is a skill that everyone needs and yet only a few have dedicated themselves to it. It is for this reason that almost every career in computer science is in demand and pays exceptionally well. With a good grasp of the basics, you can easily jumpstart your career at any time, allowing you to […]

broken iphone

How to Diagnose and Repair a Cracked iPhone Screen

In this modern era all mobile phones have become so precious that they enable us to even win real money at an online casino. However, our mobile phones are all made up of screens and all that and we need to hand them with extra care. But some of us are just maladroit and dropping […]

Galaxy Note 20

A peek into Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cameras

Recently, there was a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak, which gave us a glimpse into the new camera design, as well as the lens. There are definitely a few surprises when it comes to the phone’s rear cameras. You can expect a periscope zoom sensor, as well as a new type of camera that we […]

Insurance policy

Insuring Your Tech Start-Up

Technology has played a huge part in the advancement of civilization throughout the centuries, and it still plays a pivotal role in today’s society. With many members of the globe’s population relying on tech to communicate with one another, as a method of organization, and for research and analysis on just about everything, now is […]

SIM card

What is a SIM only contract?

A SIM only contract is a mobile phone contract that only pays for your internet, the minutes you call and the texts (SMS) you send. The contract does not pay off your mobile phone itself. This basically means that the contract is a lot cheaper than other contracts and that you are more flexible than […]


An Award-Winning Water-Saving Home Device Controlled by your Android

With the New Year upon us, there is a lot of talk about the environment, climate change, and the stability of the world’s atmosphere. The annual CES conference in Las Vegas had tech companies from around the world focused on these issues. One of the many pieces of technology showcased at the conference was the […]


Best Bicycle Games for Android 2019

All thanks to technology, we now have a game for everything. It’s amazing how the things that we used to love playing within the physical world, we can now easily play within the virtual world as well. Things like bicycles that made the best childhood memories, we can carry as we go through the digital […]


The 3 Worst Things a Virus Can Do to Your Computer

Computer viruses can be incredibly varied. They range from relatively harmless, such as the Caric-A Worm, which fills the victim’s screen with a cartoon of Bill Clinton playing a saxophone and a bra coming out, but they can also be very nasty indeed. What follows is a list of 3 of the worst things a […]


A Look at the Impact of AI and Robotics for People Living with Disabilities

Until quite recently, robots were something we thought of as being in cartoons and films. Robots were found in sci-fi flicks, kids’ cartoons, and almost every Marvel comic within the past few decades. However, with the launch of robotic vacuum cleaners a few years back, it became clear that robots would soon play an important […]


4 Useful Tips for Inventors of Android-Based Hardware

If you’re in the process of inventing a new hardware device that will run on the Android mobile operating system, you’ll probably have more questions than answers in the beginning. After all, developing and troubleshooting your own device can involve a fair amount of complexity and research, so it’s not exactly a small effort for […]