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No Sense 3.0 Love For Older HTCs

The new Sense 3.0 UI showcased the other day on the new Sensation will not be coming to the older HTC devices. This is because of some Hardware limitations. [blackbirdpie url=”″] What this does is, older devices like the Desire HD, or for that matter, even the Desire S and Incredible S, won’t be getting […]


What Do You Get When You Throw In Multitasking, Deeper OS Integration And Some Bonanza For The Developers? You Get A Mango!

Cheesy title perhaps. But such was the frenzy on the day two of Mix ’11. Microsoft announced some awesome stuff, that included Multitasking, sensor access for the devs and some 1500 new APIs. I’m trying to be very brief and to the point here, so you don’t get confused! Highlights – Application multitasking for background […]