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Envent LiveFree 325 Bluetooth Speaker review

Bluetooth speakers have become pretty popular recently and that should not come as a surprise – while smartphones have been getting better, their loudspeakers leave a lot to be desired. Bluetooth speakers fill this void and make the media experience a lot more enjoyable. Due to their simple design and portable form factor, carrying them […]

Nokia Lumia 520 – A Pocket-Friendly Premium Device

The Nokia Lumia 520 has been quite a success, at least here in India. It combines Nokia’s hardware design prowess and the beautiful Metro interface of Windows Phone, and offers some very good things like Nokia’s Here Maps, a pretty good 5 MP camera, a 4″ display all at a very attractive price of <10,000 […]

Nokia Lumia 720 Review – The Yellow Beauty Is A Great Bang For Your Buck

Back when Nokia announced the Lumia 720 alongside the Lumia 520 at the Mobile World Congress this year, I was pretty excited about it, seeing as I really liked the Lumia 820, and the 720 looked a lot like the 820, except it came with a camera that’s very good for phones in its price […]

Nokia Lumia 720 Camera Samples – A Lot Of Good, And Some Grainy

I’m currently reviewing the Nokia Lumia 720, which runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. I got the yellow one, and it’s not gaudy, as I’d initially thought it to be. Rather, it’s really good, and is sort of a very good change from my boring grey Galaxy Nexus. People? They like the colour a lot, […]

Nokia Monster Purity HD Headset Review

Nokia’s known for making quality accessories, and the Nokia J, the Luna, the Play 360s, the Purity stereo headsets etc, are good examples. Hey, wait, I forgot the BH-905i. We’d reviewed it back then, and the Active Noise Cancellation won us over. Here we have the Purity HD headsets for review, made in partnership by […]

Review: Mugen Power 3200 mAh Extended Battery For Samsung Galaxy S2

Dmitry from Mugen Power was kind enough to send me 3200 mAh Mugen Power battery for SGS2. As far as the package contents are concerned. It comes with the extended battery and two back covers out of which one has a stand at the back and can be used to place the phone in tilted mode to watch movies […]

If The N9 Were A Girl, I’d Propose Her Right Away

I finally got my hands on the Nokia N9 – a phone which runs MeeGo Harmattan Operating System. Yes yes, probably very late, seeing it was launched more than a year back, but well, better late than never. It was something I always lusted after, from the day of its launch, and given a choice, […]

Nokia 701- Belle on the Run…

  After being away for almost an year from Symbian, Paul from give me a chance to trial Nokia 701, a 131 grams device running Symbian Belle FP1. Symbian was never an alien OS to me, since I was following the news about it on twitter and various tech blogs. Still, Belle was something […]