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Nokia 701

Nokia 701 Review – Belle Is Pretty, And Fast On The 1 GHz Processor

Remember the Nokia C7? Of course you do. It was one of the first four new Symbian devices that Nokia launched. Besides the E7, C6-01 and N8, it was launched in 2010, and came with a 680 MHz processor, which, although good enough, could be found panting every now and then. Those specs were just […]

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Sneak Peek In To Twabbit – A Twitter Client For Windows Phone

Creativity is a trait which sees no bound. Ideas flows in all three dimensions upto infinite limits and then some of them materialises and take some shape/form etc. But, one of the emerging Mobile platform aka Windows Mango has forced developers to follow certain strict guidelines to create applications. They have a full fledged wired […]


Sneak Peek into Twabbit – the upcoming Twitter client for WP7

 Another twitter app? WP7 marketplace already has many clients like Rowi, Mehdoh, Seesmic, Pergerine, TweetCaster, TweetIt! etc. But it still lacks a perfect twitter client. Something like Gravity for Symbian and Plume/Twicca for Android. Twabbit begs to be different. It is very far from being perfect, but can do a lot of tricks which many mature apps […]

HTC Radar

HTC Radar Review – Beautiful Outside, Slick And Elegant Inside

Ever since I looked in to Microsoft’s slick new Operating System for Phones, Windows Phone 7, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it. Finally, here’s HTC Radar. Sporting Windows Phone Mango, and a 3.8 inch Super LCD touchscreen, the Radar is trademark HTC – curvaceous, premium looking and something you cannot ignore. The […]