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Symbian still leads, Android racing ahead – Gartner

It’s time for all those Quarterly reports to be published and this one report by Gartner is of importance. There’s always some news to cheer for in the Smartphones segment – total smartphone sales grew by a whopping 96%. At present, smartphones account for almost 19.3% of the total mobile phones, but the growth is […]

Google Nexus S leaked, yet again

We are really having a field day keeping up with all the happenings across the eco-system. Yet another day and yet another device, the Google Nexus S has been leaked, yet again. Sorry O!, we certainly do not want to confuse you, but its exactly what we are, as of now. Read on to find […]

Samsung Galaxy S and its Gorilla Glass

‘Corning’ today announced that its Gorilla Glass — an ultra durable alkali-aluminosilicate that can withstand the most uber of scratches – is engineered into all Samsung Galaxy S phones. The company even goes as far to say that its product enhances the performance of the already eye-popping brilliant Super AMOLED display. (more…)