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Nokia 808 PureView India Preorder

Nokia India’s Online Store Reveals (Sorta) Pre-order Price Of The 808 PureView – INR 30,000

Nokia’s gotten everyone excited about the 808 PureView. The 41 MP camera, and the PureView technology, both combined together, have already created some rather stunning images and videos. More on that for another day. So yeah. Great cameraphone, great marketing, and all has gotten everyone excited about this device, and many are scouring for pricing […]

MasterCard PayPass Tap-to-pay

MasterCard Gives PayPass Certification To Phones from HTC, Intel, LG Electronics, Nokia, RIM, Samsung and Sony

Seventeen phones from different manufacturers have received the PayPass Ready certification from MasterCard. These phones include the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+, the LG Viper 4G LTE and a couple of Nokias as well. Here’s the list of the phones – BlackBerry Bold 9900 BlackBerry Bold 9790 BlackBerry Curve 9360 BlackBerry Curve 9380 HTC One X Intel – […]

Nokia class action lawsuit US Robin Geller

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Nokia In The US

Robins Geller Rudman and Dowd LLP announced that a Class Action lawsuit has been filed against Nokia in the US District Court on behalf of Nokia’s shareholders. The Partnership firm’s complaint charges that Nokia has violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. According to the charge, Nokia told its investors that the transition to Windows Phone […]