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[Updated] Nokia N9 Lookalike, Sea Ray, Could Be Nokia’s First Windows Phone [Video]

Leak time guys. And this time, it’s nothing else but Nokia’s first, yes, I repeat, first Windows Phone, code named Sea Ray. There are a couple of videos already available to show the thing off. Looks strikingly similar to the Harmattan MeeGo running N9, with the only difference being a dedicated Camera button on the […]

Nokia N9 Black

All You Need To Know About The Nokia N9 – Specs, Images, Videos

Oh well, perhaps one of the most beautiful and just about powerful device has been launched. Finally. Never has been a Nokia device anticipated to the extent the N9 was. The hype, the expectations, the fear – almost everything reached a sky-high just before the device was launched. Unfortunately, internet was down here, for me. […]


Starbucks Launches It’s Android App, Lets You Pay With Your non-NFC Android

Pretty long title that. But well, it just happens to be that Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse has launched it’s own Android app, realising the rise and rise of Android and the super-phones running it. Amazing. What can it do? Well, pay for the over-priced coffee and stuff. You can login or create an account, […]