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Meg Whitman: Yes, We Will Make More webOS Powered Tablets, But Not Smartphones

The guys at The Verge had an interview with Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP, about their future strategies, about webOS and more. Note that HP had decided to Open Source webOS, late yesterday.. Whitman assured that the company will be using webOS in new hardware. Just what she meant by ‘Hardware’, is not known […]

HP webOS

webOS Lives To Die Another Day: HP Open Sources The Most Gorgeous OS

Just in. Just. In. HP has said that it will be making the underlying code of webOS available under an open source license. Glad to see it will live on, but if it doesn’t take off, I’m sure it’s difficult time ahead for the OS. I’m being cynical alright, but well, I have to be. […]

HP webOS

Meg Whitman: “Decision on webOS In The Next Few Months”

Finally, I’ve got some news to write about, in the webOS arena. Remember Apotheker, then CEO of HP, was considering selling/licensing webOS to third parties that may have been interested in using this beautiful OS? Now it turns out that the new CEO, Meg Whitman, hasn’t decided on the future of webOS. The status quo remains, […]

Richard Kerris Nokia

Nokia appoints ex-Vice President of Developer Relations for webOS as its new Global Head of Developer Relations

(image courtesy Richard Kerris, ex-Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations for webOS, has joined Nokia! This was confirmed by Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President of Developer and Marketplace for Nokia on Twitter [blackbirdpie url=”!/marcoargenti/status/129507642866536448″] Richard Kerris had left HP a few days ago. Here is the official statement from HP Richard Kerris, vice president, Worldwide Developer […]


HP Discontinues webOS For Phones And Tablets

Not a good way for a morning to start, at all. HP has decided to discontinue webOS for phones as well as tablets. Disappointing sales, HP’s failure to meet its “internal milestones and financial targets” etc are the reasons why HP decided to pull the trigger. HP will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the […]

Pre 3

HP Upgrades Pre 3’s Processor From 1.4 GHz Single Core To 1.2 GHz Dual Core (?)

HP’s ‘yet to be announced’ Pre 3 is getting some upgrade love already. It so seems that the UK version is seeing a processor upgrade from a 1.4 GHz Single Core one to 1.2 GHz Dual Core. That’s what this HP page says, anyways. Could that be the reason why it’s launch is being delayed? […]

Wordpress for webOS

Official WordPress App For webOS Is Here [Video]

Good news for WordPress users out there who have a webOS-powered device. The official app has finally arrived, and how! You can now manage your WordPress blog on the go with your webOS device, but there’s a rider – only webOS 3.0 is supported at the moment, meaning only the TouchPad users will be able […]


HP TouchPad Arrives, Finally

Okay, we knew about this already right. HP’s much awaited tablet, the TouchPad, powered by the beautiful webOS, has arrived finally. It will be available in two versions (Wi-Fi only) – 16 GB and 32 GB. Below is a promotional video from HP, featuring Russel Brand. The question here, however, is – where are the […]