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Nokia Stephen Elop


Things happen. And when they’re less than favourable, you either work hard and fast to ensure you’re competitive, or you fall back, exhibiting your inability to prevent the fact that you’re the market leader has got to your head. Every leader is susceptible to the latter, but good leaders work hard and maintain their lead. […]

HTC 8X WP8 First Update

First Update To Windows Phone 8 Arrives On The HTC 8X, Fixes Wi-Fi, Adds A Couple More Features

Microsoft is pushing out an update to the new signature Windows Phone, the HTC 8X. The “Portico” update brings a couple of new features and fixes the annoying Wi-Fi behaviour. Windows Phones still disconnect from Wi-Fi after the screen times out and turns off, switching to a data connection, if available. This would, in absence […]

Windows Phone 8 App Sideloading

Windows Phone Store Now Let’s You Side-load Apps, Sort Of

Ah, side-loading. Android has had this feature, and Symbian too. You can side-load apps on your iPhone after jailbreaking it. But on Windows Phone, you cannot, no matter what (only if you’ve dev-unlocked it etc), you cannot side-load an app. Microsoft, however, had mentioned that you can side-load apps starting with Windows Phone 8. No […]

Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 7.8 To Arrive In Early 2013 To Your Device, If You’re Lucky Enough

Microsoft finally spoke up on the Windows Phone 7.8 availability, today. They announced that the update will be pushed out in early 2013, Q1 hopefully, and that it will bring the existing Windows Phones as close as possible to Windows Phone 8, so you don’t feel as left out as you are at the moment. […]

Windows Phone 8 Apollo+ update

“Apollo+” Update To Windows Phone 8 Will Add Features Which Missed The Train

Remember how there were talks about Microsoft rushing the Windows Phone 8 software, and some of the important features being skipped so as to ship the shiny new version to the OEMs for their Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia insiders also tell that Microsoft gave them the new version of Windows Phone just “days” before […]