Do we really need Voice Command Apps?

Now that the ‘Internet Giant’ itself has launched a voice app of its own – Google Voice Actions, forcing the erstwhile pricey Vlingo to remove the price tag, it has compelled me to think if a voice app is really needed?



First and foremost, for using any voice app, one needs to be in a place where there’s not much noise. Managing to be in a place, that’s calm, whenever you need to give your phone a command is not possible. One could only find such a place in the rainforests of amazon, with some roars in the background, or in the polar regions. Its a different matter that you’ll have 0% signal strength – atleast your phone will accept your commands !! The next best alternative is Home, again when you’re not playing loud music. Another drawback that i find is, frankly, no voice app is cent percent accurate. For example, when i say ‘android’, i get results for ‘torrent’ !! Now, its not even near what i’d said. And there was no accent at all. Speed and Intuitiveness is again something that these apps lack. They take all the time in the world to just resolve a query. While popular voice apps such as Google’s own app take 10 secs to revert back with possible, yea only ‘possible’, results, using the regular method would just take about 4 secs for a normal user. That’s 2.5 times more the time taken than the normal method. In addition to that, the results that you get are just ‘possible’ ones and not definite – in a world where everyone wants to be as accurate as possible. And again, using it in a public place, having people all around you, when you have to keep your mobile in an uncommon position and utter some words, is embarrassing – who’d like to grab the attention of people when they’re just giving commands to their phone??!! Whoever would want this, would surely regret it later. There are just so many pre-requisites to using Voice Apps that sometimes i think, they were made just for fun! Not user friendly at all..

Posted by Wordmobi