Editorial: Microsoft, This Is What I Want You To Fix/Implement In Windows Phone

Windows Phone Mango

It’s been over an year since Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7. The Metro UI-based Operating System has since then evolved, with one major update named Mango making it quite competitive. But Redmond’s slick OS still has some nagging issues, or it lacks in certain areas. Here I’ve made my 12-point list about things I’d like to see being solved by Microsoft. It need not be what everyone wants, but it could as well be my OS of choice if the major stuff I’ve listed below is sorted out.

I’ll be quick.

  1. The goddamn Notification system. It’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever come across. Copy the MeeGo Notifications screen, for all you want, I won’t mind. So, I want the Live Tiles screen in the centre, the apps list screen on the right, and the Notifications screen on the left. You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamt about this. Make. It. Happen!Windows Phone Notifications
  2. The Camera stack. The lamest photos I’ve clicked till date are with a Windows Phone. You know it sucks. So fix it.
  3. Connect my Windows Phone to my Windows PC in USB mode (duh!)
  4. Stop being greedy and let me unlock my Windows Phone out of the box. Or, at least using the Zune Software. Should be peanut easy.
  5. Let me store my media on a Memory Card. I want to be able to switch my memory cards from my Android to Windows Phone to Symbian to a feature phone and in every other way you can think of.
  6. Multitasking. I want REAL multitasking, FFS. Tombstoned multitasking is so dumb-phone’ish.
  7. Support different screen resolutions. Yes, I want you to add this ability and asap. I may not be a geek, but I’m not dumb either. The same goddamn 480×800 pixels on a 3.7” display and a 4.7” display – HUGE difference.
  8. Fix the Live Tiles. The core aspect and the major attraction of Windows Phone is the Metro UI, and the Live Tiles is a big part of it. Fix the issues that plague these awesome squares and rectangles. Sometimes they get angry and don’t update themselves.
  9. Let my phone stay connected FOREVER, and DO NOT disconnect me from Wi-Fi when I lock the screen. Annoys the living hell out of me. I mean, this is 21st century, after all.
  10. Let me mark multiple photos, and for heaven’s sake, don’t resize them when I decide the photo’s so good I want to share it with my friends.
  11. Fix Search in Marketplace. Please. I know your Search ain’t as awesome as Google’s, but..still.
  12. Stop shoving Bing search down my throat. It’s disgraceful of you to do so. Let me change it to Google, at least.
  13. Leave the other stuff untouched.

That is all. Feel free to add to it. I’d love to read what you think Microsoft should change/implement.

Edited after Windows Phone 8 release.