Why We Decided To Write About Windows Phone And webOS And Why We Won’t Change The Blog Name


This is in response to all those questions pertaining to the name of the blog and the OS ecosystems we cover, and to the ‘Please change the name of your blog’ requests.

We’re Androsym – a blog that covers news, reviews and other such stuff related Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and webOS (webOS not much, since there’s nothing new in terms of phones etc to cover).

Starting off, only Android and Symbian were being covered, hence the name of the blog. Android was cementing its place in the industry, while Symbian was still the top-dog. In fact, when this blog started, I was the only Writer, Editor, Admin etc. Now though, I’ve been joined by Prashant and Udit, both of them writing just because they’re passionate about what we’re all doing.

As time passed, Symbian started going down, and Windows Phone started gaining press coverage. I looked in to it, and I liked what I saw. Hence, Windows Phone became the third OS we’d cover. Later on, I also started liking webOS, and I was so excited about it at a point that I was contemplating buying the Pre3. While that didn’t happen, I still continued with the coverage. Same goes for MeeGo.

Point? Point is that we write about things because we like them, not because of anything else. Whatever the name of the blog, we will continue to write about things we like – even iOS may become a part of the OSs covered. Nothing such at the moment, but yes, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone will continue to be covered, because we like these OSs.

We’re not paid to write, you can see that because we haven’t inflicted pain upon you, the readers, by showing ads. I plan to keep Androsym that way, but if someday if I can no more bear all the hosting charges, things may change. But only to keep up with costs, not because we want to make money out of it.

It has been 11 months since I first started with Androsym, and today, we continue to grow at a good pace. We’ve done some reviews, and although I’ve tried to do more reviews of Android phones, talking to various manufacturers, nothing’s come out of it, yet. No, not because Androsym is new, but because the agencies are not really forthcoming about it (almost everyone in India faces this issue). We’ll continue with our efforts, and I’m positive about it. Hopefully, things will fall in place.

Now, some readers and agencies have asked me about the name. Yes, it is supposed to mean Android and Symbian, but now that we cover Windows Phone too, people have got confused. Changing the name at this point of time is impossible. In fact, if we change the name, we’ll have to build the readership from ground up and all the efforts we’ve put in the past 11 months will go down the drain. That’s something we cannot afford to do, really.

Forget that the name has anything to do with OSs. It used to mean Android and Symbian earlier, but not anymore. It’s just that. Here’s hoping this clarifies your doubts.