Another Windows Phone Device Leaked – HTC Ignite

Holy cow, looks like HTC is acting fast post the Feb. 11th announcement. Very well, we are not complaining and so won’t you! Another post at XDA shows that HTC might be prepping up it’s sixth Windows Phone device, named the HTC Ignite for now. However, a closer look at the specs made us take this with a pinch of salt. According to XDA, the device packs in 3.7″ WVGA touchscreen that’s resistive (huh?!), an ‘800’ MHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a 5 MP camera, much like the HTC Prime, barring the processor.

Also, the device is listed at ‘King of Gadgets’, so the device cannot be dismissed as a fake. It may well be a Chassis 2 device, so the processor thing is explained, but a resistive touchscreen in this day? Quite impossible.