HTC Brings Offline Navigation Including Turn-by-turn VoiceNav To Its Windows Phones

HTC has had its own Maps app on Windows Phone, but its users were still missing out on Offline Navigation and turn-by-turn voice navigation. No more, as the company has released an update which brings both of them to Mango users. It’s a HTC-exclusive app, so if you were wondering if you could have it on your non-HTC device, you’ve been informed.

The maps are powered by TomTom, and I’ve read reports that it expires after a month. I don’t have a HTC Windows Phone with me right now to test it out, unfortunately.

If you do not see the update, uninstall the app, reboot, and reinstall. Or otherwise, search by the app’s name in the Marketplace, on your device. Tap on the name to go to the app’s page and exit. Re-open the Marketplace and you should find the update. I know it’s pretty lame, but that’s how I’ve been updating most of the times. Something is broken. Let’s hope Microsoft fixes it soon.