HTC Faces Ban On Its Smartphone Sales In Germany After It Withdraws Appeal Against IPCom’s Injunction


Image courtesy - Android Community

Bigtime patent troll, IPCom, has said that it will enforce an injunction based on a Mannheim court decision from February 2009 after HTC cancelled an appeal that was due to be heard this week.

The timing of this is extremely critical. The holiday season has just begun (or about to), and a very important time for any company. A ban on the sales of its smartphones is looming large on the Taiwanese manufacturer.

HTC’s forecast for this quarter has also been negative, what with a 20% fall in revenue expected. Add to it this threat, and it may turn out to be a pretty heavy blow for the company.

FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller has said that while HTC can oppose the enforcement of this injunction, he thinks it’d be a miracle is the company succeeds in doing so.

Wingstun Yung, HTC’s CFO, tried to play down the crisis, avoiding to comment on the crisis itself, directly. He speaks about projections that have been made by the company for the current year, about flagships for the next year and other management stuff. Smart, but not quite enough.

Really, IPCom, if you cannot contribute anything to the industry, you have no moral right to fuck with the ones who do. Yours truly.