HTC Makes Three ICS Devices Official – The One X, One S And One V

HTC One X, S and V

HTC today announced a new series of devices, under the name of One. To start with, we have three devices – the One X, One S, and the One V.

All three devices come with ICS out of the box, and Sense 4.0. Sense 4.0 is special, in one respect – ImageSense. Basically, HTC has added a couple of shortcut enhancements in to the mix. The three devices can also capture stills and record videos, simultaneously. And while doing still, the Burst mode is always on, meaning you can capture AF’d (auto focussed) images with a unnoticeable lag of 0.2 seconds. Awesome.

Moving on to the core specs, the One X is the high-end version. It’ll come with a 4.7″ Super LCD display of HD resolution, a 1.5 GHz quad core processor and 32 GB internal memory. There’s an 8 MP f/2.0 lens on the back, which happens to be backlit.

Ain’t enough? It’s made out of polycarbonate material. And there’s NFC.

Now for the One S – it’s the mid-range warrior from HTC. Comes with a 4.3″ Super AMOLED display and 1.5 GHz Dual core processor. The display’s of qHD resolution, down from the HD res of One X. Everything else remains the same, except for the lack of NFC.

The One V is the low-end device. It comes with a 3.7″ display, 1 GHz processor (single core, mind you), and a 5 MP camera. There’s Android 4.0 as well as Sense 4.0, don’t panic. I guess this baby is going to be priced somewhere around $200.

The One X and One S require a microSIM. All the three devices have non user-removable battery, and there’s no microSD card slot. Oh, don’t panic just yet. If you buy any of the One-series devices, you’re going to get 25 GB free Dropbox storage for the next two years. Nice.

HTC’s going big on the One series, as Peter Chou pointed out. They’re going to have the biggest launch ever, what with partnering with 144 carriers worldwide, with a scheduled release for April.