HTC Plans To Bring Ice Cream Sandwich To 12 Devices, Desire S And Desire HD Included


Awwww yeaaahhh! moment for owners of HTC devices, this. HTC has just announced on Facebook that it will be bringing the much lusted after Ice Cream Sandwich update.


Excited? Here’s the complete list of devices HTC plans to bring ICS to –

  1. Amaze 4G
  2. Desire HD
  3. Desire S
  4. EVO 3D
  5. EVO Design 4G
  6. Incredible S
  7. Rezound
  8. Sensation
  9. Sensation XE
  10. Sensation XL
  11. Sensation 4G
  12. Vivid

That’s a cool dozen devices the Taiwanese plans to update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Very nice (though some of them may be just minor upgrades to their predecessors, or may be a carrier-specific version).

HTC says that the Sensation series (the original, XE, XL, 4G) will start getting ICS by the end of March, and other devices will get it later this year. Not sure what to make out of ‘later this year’, but it seems like it’s going to be a couple of months or something.