HTC Set To Shower Some Gingerbread Update Love


In between all the cricket frenzy going on (there’s a Cricket World Cup going on) and me being a diehard (I maybe exaggerating!) cricket lover, I found this piece of newsbite that said that… Well, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z and the recently announced Incredible S will afterall be updated to Gingerbread. According to a HTC Spokesperson, the update is being cooked and should be ready to be served in Q2, this year ofcourse! Well, expect it in May or June.

Talking about updates, this is the only part that I hate about droid companies. Well, if you can’t update it, simply launch it with the latest version! As simple as that! The Incredible S was launched just a month back with Froyo, when Gingerbread was already rocking Atrix and the likes. Although now it’s getting the update, it certainly makes sense that manufacturers release new devices with latest version. As simple as that. Now only if they’d heed to the user’s demands.

Posted by Wordmobi