Pre-order Your HTC Flyer Over At Clove’s For…£600!

There are quite a many HTC fans out there, I know. And those fans are definitely going to buy the Flyer, HTC’s first attempt at the Tablet-arena. The design is class HTC – simple, yet elegant. Apart from that, there’s this 7″ TFT touchscreen, a cool 1.5 GHz processor under the hood, Android 2.4 slapped with HTC Sense UI, customised for the tablet. There’s a 5 MP camera that does HD video recording, aided by a 1.3 MP FCC. There’s a 4000 mAh battery in there. 1 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage should be sufficient for heavy multitasking and loads of music and multimedia.

The Flyer costs £600, or $960 (approx), or €691.

So, will you pre-order one, given the price of £600? If yes, head over to this page.