LG Announces Optimus UI 3.0, Promises That It’s ‘unobtrusive and simple’

LG Optimus UI 3

LG, the Korean conglomerate, just announced its UI 3.0, and it’s promised that it is ‘unobtrusive and simple’. It has informed that its Optimus LTE2 and Optimus 4X HD, LG’s new flashship devices. I’m not sure about the Eclipse 4G LTE that’s headed to Sprint, but I wished secretly for LG to goof up and spill the beans on that.

Anyway, here’s what LG is saying –

Optimus UI 3.0 is designed with convenience and speed in mind. A powerful memo function called Quick Memo™ enables users to jot notes on the screen using a finger. Quick Memo™ in Optimus UI 3.0 allows users to share their thoughts through social networks, text messages and e-mails more conveniently than ever before.

Other new features include:

  • the ability to unlock the phone by dragging anywhere on the screen;
  • a new Pattern Lock that allows users to preset the most frequently used function, such as the camera, which automatically opens once the phone is unlocked;
  • a simpler version of Optimus UI 3.0 for new smartphone users which organizes the main applications so that they are the easiest to access;
  • a new Voice Shutter that allows users to capture photos using only voice commands;
  • a special camera feature that enables users to pick up the best shot among multiple images including the moment just before the shutter button is depressed;
  • an Icon Customizer that provides an additional level of personalization by allowing users to set their own photos as icons and shortcut images;
  • the addition of a Download category to the menu for easier organization.

Excited? Naah. Give me an option to turn your UI off/on, and I’ll praise you. If you don’t, I won’t. I’ll just flash an AOSP ROM.

via LG