LG gets aggressive, announces 3 new products

What happens when you have an over-excited PR machinery? You end up announcing phones before schedule. That’s exactly what happened with LG yesterday. LG seems to be eager to regain it’s previous stature. And yes, the aggressiveness is quite prominent.


First up is the Optimus 3D. Powered by a 1 GHz OMAP4 processor (dual core), the Optimus 3D beats it’s nearest competitor by putting in double the graphics performance and 4x Video decoding power. It adds another dimension to imaging and video recording with mobiles – stereoscopic 3D images and videos. And no, you won’t need any anaglyph glasses to watch your 3D clicks on the 4.3” display.

Optimus pad.jpg

Next is the Optimus Pad, already released as the T-Mobile Gslate. The Optimus Pad is a global version though and features a 8.9” display that is 3D capable as well, but requires you to wear the Anaglyph glasses. There’s a 1 GHz dual-core Tegra II processor under the hood. It also has dual cameras and can do HD.


The Optimus Black is perhaps LG’s answer to iPhone 4 and SE Xperia Neo’s brilliant displays. Plus, it has an advantage of being power efficient. There’s a 1 GHz processor under the hood. Also, there’s a 2 MP FCC, besides the 5 MP main camera. It can do HD as well.

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