LG LS860 Cayenne Is An Android Device With A Slide-out Qwerty Keyboard

LG LS860 Cayenne for Sprint

Androids with Qwerty keyboards are a rarity, and people like me are always on the lookout for one. Just not so long back, HTC had revealed that it won’t be making any Qwerty device, apart from goofing up on another aspect – users prefer slimness over extra battery backup. That was funny, and it made HTC seem like they do not understand the consumers.

Well, aside, here’s an LG device headed to Sprint. It’s code-named Cayenne, and it runs on the latest version of Android, ICS (thankfully!). Oh yes, there’s support for 4G LTE as well. It’s more or less an LG Viper with a Qwerty keyboard thrown in – there’s a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, a 4″ WVGA IPS LCD display. Of course, there are three capacitive buttons instead on four, on the LS860 Cayenne.

The launch should probably be a few weeks away now.