LG Optimus LTE2 May Get A New Name In Optimus G, And A 13 MP Camera With A Quad Core Krait Processor

Funny things happen some sometimes and companies decide to give funny names to devices. They also decide sometime after announcing the device that a spec bump is necessary. Fun all ’round folks.

LG Optimus G

Okay, LG’s Optimus LTE2, which was supposed to come some time in May, is now receiving a spec bump, and will come with a 1.4 GHz Quad Core Krait processor, from a dual core; and a newer GPU, Adreno 320, up from the Adreno 220 that was announced previously. On the memory front, the amount of RAM remains the same, at 2 GB, and the internal memory is at 32 GB.

The camera also will be upgraded to a 13 MP sensor, up from the 8 MP mentioned earlier. There will be a 4.7″ TrueHD IPS LCD display. Safe to say it’ll come with Ice Cream Sandwich, but we hope it’s going to be Jelly Bean. Too optimistic, we know.

Sounds too confusing? Well, for the laughs, the name could be changed to Optimus G from Optimus LTE2. All I’m hoping for, right now, is the device to be released.