LG Promises A One-Level Upgrade At The Least For Each Optimus


In between all the ‘update my droid please’ requests from around the world, companies have so far been playing deaf and dumb. But now, LG has come out in the open with a promise to ‘update each Optimus atleast once to the next version’.

According to reports, LG’s Director of Global Communications, Kenneth Hong, went on record, saying in an interview that LG’s “expectation is to be able to offer at minimum a one-level upgrade for all Optimus smartphones introduced by LG in 2011 and beyond.”

What it means is – if your device came with Froyo, you’ll definitely get Gingerbread and like that for all other versions as well. Now, one just hopes that LG is trying to break free from it’s notoriety and will become a rather update – friendly OEM.

Oh yes, this is only seemingly valid for carrier free, unlocked (never locked) Optimus’. So, make your decision – to buy or not to buy a carrier locked Optimus, carefully.

Posted by Wordmobi