LG Rolls Out Ice Cream Sandwich For The Optimus 2X, Finally

LG Optimus 2X ICS

Talk about being late. LG has released the much-awaited, denied and granted, ICS update to the Optimus 2X. It gets only Ice Cream Sandwich, though, not Jelly Bean, which had Project Butter. Expect a lot of goodness, but not as much as JB, sadly.

As usual, unlocked, non carrier-branded devices can get the update right now. You’ll have to use the LG Update tool, and the update is number v30a. Know that the Optimus 2X was the first dual-core smartphone, and LG killed it on its own, not updating the device for ages, denying it and then promising to push ICS. And probably, that’s the last one the device is going to have.