Apple Receives Injunction Against Motorola For Slide-to-Unlock, Google Files For Patent On Pull Down Notification Bar

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It’s a comical morning, this. There are two kids up there, fighting with each other on silly issues (of course, them being kids and all..). Apple has received an injunction against Motorola (Google’s in the process of acquiring Moto, as of now) for a patent that would have made sense had it been 2009 – Slide-to-unlock.

As silly as it may sound, I’ve come across dozens of friends of mine saying they’ve seen this unlocking pattern on the iPhone, and that it is quite good. Not just on Motorola devices, though. Many of them have different devices, so yeah, other companies may as well be on the Cupertino’s hit-list, viz., this patent.

More hilarity

Google has filed for a patent for the pull down Notification bar, which the world first saw on Maemo 5 (5, as far as my memory serves), aka the quite sought after Nokia N900. Android came along, and Google copied it. Apple copied it from Android, in iOS 5. Nokia again brought this notification bar in Nokia Belle, which is an update to Symbian Anna. It just happens that Google has filed for the patent. I’m not sure if they should get the patent, since they were not the first ones to bring the Notification Bar. Nokia was.

Either which way, both the patents are ridiculous in this day and age when we’ve grown too used to both of them on our smartphones. I guess we, the users, should go ahead and sue both Apple and Google for being ridiculous.

More seriously, I only hope better sense prevails and Google and other companies are denied patents for things which are seemingly silly (and too broad) at the time.

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