Clove: Motorola RAZR (Spyder) Coming November 1, For £455 Off Contract

Clove Motorola RAZR UK


Remember Motorola RAZR, people? It was announced yesterday. You must have forgotten it amidst all the excitement about Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus . While the pricing was not revealed, here we have it, from Clove UK.

The UK retailers have fixed the price at £455, after all taxes and subsidies, and off any contract. A wee bit high. Just a wee bit, but the RAZR does pack in some good specs and probably, this price is justified.

The RAZR will go on sale from November 1st, that is when Clove expects to have the device in stock. Runs Gingerbread, yes, but it is expected to receive Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as the 1st quarter of 2012. No, the world is not supposedly ending then, so you can relish ICS for a good amount of time.

via Clove