Google Set To Replace Sanjay Jha With Dennis Woodside As Motorola’s CEO

Googrola Sanjay Jha Dennis Woodside

We were all expecting (I was, at least) this to happen – Bloomberg is reporting that Google is all set to remove Sanjay Jha as the CEO of Motorola (Motorola Mobility). Boom.

According to the report, Google will be placing Dennis Woodside, who at the moment, is the Senior VP of Google, Americas, in place of Jha.

A bit too fast, you say? Probably. Because, the Google-Moto deal is yet to be closed, albeit it has been approved by both Europe and US. Outgoing Moto CEO, Sanjay Jha will be receiving a $66 Million package. Guess he wouldn’t be complaining. Moto’s not been doing as well as it should/could.

What does that mean to the end users, like you and me? More precisely, Android fans (and smartphone lovers, broadly)? If this is anything to go by (Google placing one of its own ranks at Moto’s helm), I’m expecting Google to unite the hardware capabilities of Moto and its own Software to churn premium devices. Or rather, pure Android devices. No skin-fuss, nothing. If that happens, it’s a win-win situation for us all.

There always is something in store for the end users, eh. This ain’t just another news-related bland post.