HTC starts rolling out ICS update for Sensation XE

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! While everyone was waiting to see official ICS rollout on Galaxy S2 on 15th of this month, HTC stunned everyone by releasing ICS for its 2011 flagship Sensation XE. Yeah, not Samsung or Motorola but HTC is the first OEM to provide ICS update. I’ve omitted ICS update for Nexus S because despite being produced by Samsung, it is more of a Google product.

Coming to the update, it is 300mb in size, and brings Sense 3.6 apart from Android 4.0 goodies. The update is available OTA for Nordic countries. (The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic which consists of DenmarkFinlandIcelandNorway and Sweden and their associated territories, the Faroe IslandsGreenland and Åland – wikipedia)

For those who cant wait, the awesome XDA forum is there for you [link]